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A meeting this week with a small printer through up a side comment that bears thinking about. He reckoned that for those specifying print today, dealing with the printer is only part of their job, and a small part at that. No arguments there, it’s been something noted and bemoaned for quite some while now. But the new angle on this is that these people like the print buying bit because it breaks the monotony of the day job, the one that they get measured on. Because nobody else understands printing either, the ‘print buyer’ gets an awful lot of freedom to choose who they like working with. Any complaints and it’s easy to justify a decision by getting other quotes that show that the chosen printer is damn good value. What does it mean? That when printing for a certain group of companies out there, SME’s in the main, it’s important to be nice to your customer. Listen to them, empathise with them. Don’t think like a company selling them a few leaflets or brochures, be the company willing to let them sound off, and perhaps offer useful advice. Don’t be a printer be a psychiatrist.



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